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Britain Could Use Margaret Thatcher About Now

June 17, 2016

There is no way not to sense a worldwide dismay and even alarm over the prospect that seems to grow by the day–if polls are to be believed–that Britain will vote this coming week to leave the European Union.  The consequences of such a move will have world-wide implications.

Where once a strong Tory leader could have sent a most salient message across Britain that would have moved the party regarding this essential vote, the mostly impotent leadership of Prime Minster David Cameron does nothing to unite a divided party.

On the flip side of the aisle the Labor Party is led by Jeremy Corbyn and if there was any hope that the pro-EU forces from that party would lead the way–well that ship has sailed.  Over the past many weeks I can say the statements from Corbyn about the vote has made him look far more like a political hack than any hopeful steward of the Brits.  When offered a chance to lead with reasons for a vote to remain in the EU he often finds words that bash the union or fault conservatives for not being able to negotiate an exit–should that happen.    Someone needs to remind Corbyn that his party platform supports staying in the union!

After watching this story unfold there is one thing I am sure of when it comes to the opposition leader.  Do not put that man in front of any parade that seeks to move forward.  Corbyn should be a wakeup call for anyone in Britain who thinks there is no way to stumble further than the Tories have proven capable of doing.

But he is not the only embarrassment in this election.  The voters have to carry most of the baggage on that count.

The short sightedness of the electorate will soon be evident if they exit.  A recession will be their first notice that they made a colossal mistake.  The loathing of regulations and ‘burdens’ from Brussels will soon pale to the weak economic place they will find themselves.   Bitching about the horror of globalization while they pretend it has no upside is just goofy.

Consumer goods fill the shelves, every gadget known to man is carried by Brits, and the economy over-all in most parts hums along nicely.   Much like it is in well-fed parts of the world where people can simply dismiss whole classes of food, so it is with some developed and highly economically viable areas that have the luxury to find faults with ‘the system’.  It is simply stunning to watch this theatre of the absurd play out in Britain.

Populists will likely prevail when voters cast a ballot June 23rd.  That will be a sad day for Brits who know better but failed to show leadership when they still had the chance.

If only Britain again had Maggie to show them the way.

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