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Senator Ron Johnson Backing Away From Donald Trump As Presidential Nominee

June 19, 2016

There are many reasons as to why Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party.  It was, after all, the far-right wing of the GOP who helped create and foster the attitudes and tone that Trump used throughout the primaries, and continues to unleash on the body politic.  Had Trump a more polished political style and secured a more positive place in the general election polls Republicans would be just perfectly giddy about his race for the White House.  He is after all saying with a fog horn what most of the GOP has been presenting the public via dog whistles for many years.

But the problem is the American public–demonstrated through a wide array of demographic polling data–are rejecting by ever larger numbers the words and actions of the would-be nominee.  With the general election season looming many of the elected class within the GOP are taking a serious look at the plight they and their party as facing should the national convention actually elect Trump the nominee.

Over the past month Trump has–without a doubt–made the most political blunders since entering the race and willfully stated far too many horrid comments.  The weeks leading up to the convention are always a time for consolidation of a candidate to the party and the start of a gentle pivot with creative messaging for the final months of the campaign.   While many top names within the party dutifully fell into line and said they would vote for Trump–many correctly refused to actually endorse the billionaire–there was the general attiude that most could swallow fast and accept Trump at the head of the ticket.

But in recent weeks Trump has performed poorly in every possible way which can be measured and now many Republicans are needing to backtrack.

This weekend it was Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who gave the most wobbly comments concerning Trump.  During his performance on CNN’s State of the Union one could almost feel the sweat trickle down his back as he tried to answer, and yet evade, some direct questions.

The host, Dana Bash, alerted viewers to the fact Johnson had earlier this spring proudly stated he would endorse the GOP nominee.  In fact his direct statement was “I’m going to certainly endorse the Republican nominee and obviously that looks like it will be Donald Trump”.

But then when pressed today on the matter Johnson backed off that statement and placed a great deal of sunlight between himself and Trump, even giving the full impression that Trump might not even be the eventual nominee.

It’s been my intention to support the Republican nominee, and again, nobody can predict the outcome of this thing. I think things remain reasonably uncertain. But it’s my intention to support.

When asked to further clarify his position about a Trump endorsement Johnson could only double down on his intention to support “the Republican nominee”.

It was not the bravest act from a politician on network television this weekend, but hardly a surprise.  There is no elected GOP official who can escape the endless questions as a result of Trump invading the party.    But had the GOP not allowed and encouraged the rouge elements for the past eight years there would not be a Trump to contend with now.

The swift softening of support for Trump within the nation is part of the reason Johnson and others facing daunting odds this November at the polls are reversing direction over Trump.  The national numbers show how quickly Johnson needs to adjust his campaign game plans.  Walking away from Trump is the only thing to be done–regardless of how insincere it looks.



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  1. July 23, 2016 10:58 AM

    It was the act of a desperate candidate, Jack. You are right–the writing is on the wall.

  2. Jack permalink
    July 23, 2016 1:11 AM

    Johnson made a huge mistake by going to the convention and getting anywhere near Trump. Koch money was pulled this week and the Republicans Senate election committee have now delayed their money until Oct—which means they will place it in a race in another state they feel they can win–all proves how weak he is. The last thing he needs to do is get closer to Trump who is not liked in this state. What a dumb move he made.

  3. June 19, 2016 7:25 PM

    What is amazing is that these professional politicians think what they say or what they want matters to millions who have voted for him. While the DNC continues as the party of the same, no new ideas, the RNC is imploding and the common man is once again taking control of government. Its time America gets a wake up call, its time the professional politician who does not care for middle class America get their butts kicked. Donald Trump will not make a good president but at least he is not going to be a lapdog for all that is wrong with America today.

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