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Following The Brexit Vote…

June 23, 2016

….I repeat what I have said before.

The loathing of regulations and ‘burdens’ from Brussels will soon pale to the weak economic place many will now find themselves. Constantly complaining about the horror of globalization while too many pretend it has no upside is just goofy. Consumer goods fill the shelves, every gadget known to man is carried by Brits, and the economy over-all in most parts there hums along nicely. Much like it is in well-fed parts of the world where people can simply dismiss whole classes of food, so it is with some developed and highly economically viable areas around the world who have the luxury to find faults with ‘the system’. It is simply stunning to watch this theatre of the absurd play out in Britain. We should not applaud it in any sense.

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  1. Solly permalink
    June 24, 2016 9:44 AM

    Bob La Follette = misguided youth?!

  2. June 24, 2016 9:40 AM

    Next Orlin will be using Jacobins in his comments….

  3. June 24, 2016 9:39 AM


    Slow down as it is too early to get so wired. Merit selection is a most intelligent way to place people on the state’s high court, and the present system of elections is proof of that. No one can help that misguided youth who did not read civics in high school now can not grasp how the primaries work or what political parties are and how they function. Finally the glee you have for Brexit can not be real as I know you are not a xenophobic nationalist and yet in fact that is exactly what drove much of the vote yesterday.

  4. orlin sellers permalink
    June 24, 2016 9:20 AM

    Congratulations, Nigel Farage.
    Again, Obama and Hillary on the wrong side of history.
    Switzerland had already withdrawn its application.
    The Globalists are kicking dirt. What a glorious day.

  5. Solly permalink
    June 24, 2016 9:16 AM

    Ahh yes, the nasty, great unwashed rabble has spoken. The casinos (aka world stock exchanges) are shaken, and using the news as an excuse to buy and sell great numbers of stocks (and churn a great number of commissions for the traders and brokers – funny how that happens). Oh for the days of the monarchies, noblesse oblige, (or kommissars) when the people didn’t have to think and couldn’t speak. If only we had an elite system of entirely appointed judges under a “merit” system (Rebecca Bradley and Clarence Thomas come to mind as examples), if only people went to vote in primaries thinking they were voting for president (silly wabbits) and not realizing they were voting for delegates who could overturn their decision, if only we had more “super”delegates, if only the people bought that we know what’s best for them. Well, Deke can dream can’t he?

  6. June 24, 2016 1:25 AM

    I am up way late with BBC here and this is just mind-boggling. You are right about the few safe places right now to place money. You know where I stand on who to blame. I also am mindful this is now a long-term problem and there is huge amount of uncertainty into not only markets but also Europe’s established political order. This was not a decision that can be undone at the next election cycle. Too many who are not invested made decisions for the rest of us and it is going to make for a royal mess.

  7. Violet permalink
    June 24, 2016 1:15 AM

    My uncle is a trader in Chicago and there are only three words in his vocabulary now—U.S. Treasuries. Global market bloodbath just ahead and there are only a few safe places to head. I completely agree with your summation. Short sighted and I sense we both blame the same demographic which allowed for it to happen.

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