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Gun Control Measure Moves Forward In Senate–Wis. Sen. Ron Johnson Suffers Defeat

June 23, 2016

A bipartisan gun control compromise from Sen. Susan Collins received majority support in the Senate today, but not the 60 votes needed to advance legislation.   Everything is tied to the filibuster rule, so a simple majority is never allowed to pass legislation.

In the first test vote, the Collins plan won 52 votes in support, with 46 senators voting against it. It would allow the Justice Department to block people on two key federal terror lists from purchasing firearms, with a chance to appeal the denial of a gun sale if someone was wrongly included on one of the lists.

The other measure, spearheaded by Sen. Ron Johnson, was designed to be more appealing to Republicans. It picked up just 31 votes in favor of it, with 67 senators opposed.

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