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Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Would Say ‘It Is Rigged’

June 26, 2016

One of the more galling stories that has come from the election unfolding in the U.S. is how both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have tried to spin their incompetence at gaining delegates into a narrative that taints the party process.

If one listened to the cries of outrage from these two, and their equally misguided followers, it would appear that political parties should have no rules to allow members to nominate candidates.  It would also appear that many voters never really follow politics too closely.  A large percentage of progressives seemingly were stunned to learn that super-delegates existed, and were equally flummoxed when learning that addition had been placed in the rules decades ago.  Yet they were sure they knew everything about why their candidate was being denied the nomination.

So with the recent history of our nominating process fresh in mind comes the following regarding the need for the Conservative Party in Britain to select a new leader.

They must designate a new prime minister which will be a loud and noisy process.  That is so because Conservative lawmakers must first agree on a leadership contest and decide when it will be. That contest will involve numerous ballots of Conservative legislators to winnow down candidates to two, and then the 150,000 or so registered members of the party (who had joined at least three months ago, to prevent infiltration) will vote by mail.

My point is that every political party has rules, and for good reason.  Those who–in the case in Britain–do not meet the voting criteria will not be allowed to cast a ballot.  Independents will not be eligible, nor will Labor.

Political parties for party members.


I wonder if Sanders and Trump, or their most strident followers, even now, understand that fact?

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