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Wisconsin Abortion Appeal To Supreme Court Rejected

June 28, 2016

Adding to the news yesterday from the Supreme Court about the right of women to control reproduction comes more news today aimed directly for Wisconsin.

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from the Badger State of a federal appeals court ruling that struck down our state’s law placing restrictions on abortion providers.

The justices’ decision to refuse to hear appeals from Wisconsin and Mississippi follows the striking down of a Texas law with similar restrictions, requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges.

One of the prime reasons conservatives use the issue of abortion is to score political points.  There were plenty of objective legal minds who strongly pressed the view that what Wisconsin legislators were crafting was not going to be constitutional.  But there was a hungry partisan base that needed to be catered to and the GOP majority in the statehouse felt no compunction not to act.  They hold the power and have demonstrated time and again that sound judgment is not a strong factor in why they act.

Having a reasoned and wise judiciary has once again saved us all from the most base and partisan of whims and motives.    If only the ones who keep demanding control over women’s bodies would learn their lessons we would not need to repeat these headlines.

No one believes that Wisconsin Republicans under our statehouse dome–or conservatives in other legislative bodies–had some deep and genuine enthusiasm for promoting women’s health.  Rather it all was simply to cater to the anti-abortion movement.

The court made it clear that judicial inspection is a most important check on those who wish to control women’s reproductive rights.


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  1. June 28, 2016 4:57 PM

    We so agree. From the death penalty to cuts in nutrition programs and education cuts the lack of consistency when it comes to the anti-choice crowd once the birth has taken place is simply remarkable.

  2. June 28, 2016 3:36 PM

    I certainly understand the moral arguments against abortion.

    However, it would be so much easier to empathize with the GOP’s “pro-life” stance if they were in the vanguard of people assuring that kids resulting from unwanted births had a bright future. Instead, once the child is born, it’s all “you’re on your own. No safety net for you.” Just another method for the Walker administration to punish the hated poor.

    What would Jesus do? Not this.

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