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Zika Funding Is Problem For Congressional Republicans

June 28, 2016

There is a massive failure about to occur in Congress regarding Zika–and it is due to over-zealous conservatives who are more interested in partisan warfare than the well-being of the American public.  The actions from House Republicans as a funding measure was being crafted to curtail the spread of the disease may come back to bite them at the ballot box this fall if there’s an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus in the United States.

Before leaving for a seven-week vacation the House passed a funding bill that was loaded down with a wish list of conservative proposals.  It contained all sorts of matters ranging from limiting funding for birth control, allowing pesticide spraying near water sources, and raising the Confederate flag.    These types of inclusions are an affront to those who understand the gravity of Zika and wish to stop it from spreading.  There is no way the ridiculous add-ons in the bill can be accepted and therefore the Senate blocked the plan to spend $1.1. billion to fight the Zika virus.

Consider what the Republicans have done.  Senate Democrats are rightly concerned about the decision to strip language barring the display of the Confederate Flag on certain days at Veterans Affairs Department facilities. That’s part of the regular Military Construction-Veterans Affairs spending bill that’s been needlessly tied to the anti-Zika funding.   The fact that members of the GOP tried to use a serious health funding bill to get through matters that any other time would not see the light of day is appalling.

There are already 2,900 U.S. cases of Zika, most of them in Puerto Rico, and the pressure to deal effectively with this matter is now at hand.   Should the number increase dramatically in the coming months there will be one party to pay a price at the November polls.

The Republican Party.

Time and again there has been an inability of the House majority to do the nation’s work.  This is but the latest example, and now it deals with the health of the citizenry.

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