Shooting Tonight On Morrison Street In Madison (I Was There)

Update on shooting. 

White male suspect received first aid then was pronounced dead at hospital.  Officer shot suspect in home after he went for officer with pitchfork like tool.

James and I had just passed the house while on our walk down Morrison Street tonight at about 9:00 P.M where the shooting happened.  We had walked on about a block-and-a-half when we heard all sorts of police and emergency sirens and noticed they were passing behind us and heading to where we had just walked.

We circled back and the streets were blocked off.  We used the sidewalks and joined with neighbors from the area to see a victim on the ground in front of a home before the ambulance arrived.

Early reports–and this is based on very scant information–has a deranged person breaking into a home and needing to be brought under control via police enforcement. Early reports from locals had a person coming up from the shoreline and using a shovel to break windows and making entry to the home. Some in area heard two shots and headed for their basements.   Those in the home at the time were reported to have escaped.

The gunshot victim  was placed on a stretcher but I did not see a light in the ambulance as it drove away.

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