Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

I was reminded again yesterday by a guy who lives in our neighborhood that there are a lot more stupid people in the world than smart ones.  We were talking about BREXIT  when the comment was made.  He was correct of course, the less educated are far more numerous and they have the same right to vote as everyone else.

Which brings me to Donald Trump and how so many of his supporters are not able to demand that he clarify his message, or more sadly, are not even aware there is a need for clarification.

Yesterday Trump made some of his boldest statements to date about his views of the economic state of affairs.   He promised to reinvigorate domestic manufacturing from steel to the electronics industry.  He blasted trade deals and globalization.   (Pretending that globalization can be, or should be, reversed is akin to re-introducing the Pony Express.)

This whole set of notions does not only rub up against international norms for the past decades but runs counter to the Republican agenda which has been advanced for generations.

But Trump’s latest lingo also runs counter to his long-held and argued views when he stressed the need for outsourcing and promoted globalization. His campaign does not even try to deal with the conflicting messages.

So that leaves it up to his supporters who are not strong on ‘book learning’ to listen, gobble it all up, and never question anything.

My friend was so correct when stating there are a lot more stupid people in the world than smart ones.

6 thoughts on “Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

  1. A friend of mine says the same thing — but adds that the Stupid Ones are also allowed to breed freely. LOL. As for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, his vitriolic criticisms of Clinton and anyone else who happens to oppose him and his inane views are sounding more and more like self-analysis. But Mr. tRump isn’t particularly inclined to self-analysis….

  2. pattilynn9

    Umm huhhh. O’course I’m not shocked at the number of ppl who include themselves in the “smart group”. Naturally those who disagree are members of the “stupid group”. hah!

  3. pattilynn9

    Saying, I don’t think one can “group” all supporters (of anyone) into one big pile. What speaks to one person, may/may not hold appeal with all others. Ppl tend to pick out their main issue(s) and focus on that, setting aside other issues that they conveniently over look.

    I don’t find it hard to believe that company officials and politicians were eager to shove certain jobs out of the country with little or no thought for the workers that would lose their jobs. When those workers (later) hear someone address their plight, it’s not unreasonable to think they would respond to that message. Whether Trump offers hope or false hope, I suppose they are willing to support him, hoping he can/will make some effort to help correct the problems that impacted their lives.

    I’ve noticed that changes move our country forward, but each change leaves some ppl behind, left out. Some adapt, but most are never again the same. I could go on and on. Guess a lot boils down to being in the right place at the right time.

    As for “book learning”. I read that comment as your swipe at ppl who don’t have a formalized degree/diploma. I’ve seen examples of educated fools, also of brilliant high school dropouts. I think the word gullible would be a better fit. I see examples of gullible ppl who support Clinton, and Trump. Both candidates have their fair share of gullibles.

  4. Patti,

    Thanks for comment. The ‘book learning’ comment was simply to underscore what the polls show to be Trump’s base of support. Those without a college degree do constitute a large portion of his support. Trump also continually displays a disregard for facts or people with deep understanding of complex matters.

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