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Madison’s #1 Complainer Brenda Konkel Inciting Fear Over Madison Police

July 1, 2016

Given how our police have been maligned it probably was not strange to hear residents on the sidewalks last night near to the house where the shooting occurred express hope that the victim on the ground was not a black person.  When we start to express a preference for the skin color of a person because people know what it means to the city police and public discourse it underscores what a sorry state of affairs our city is in.  Sadly, that is where we now are, and the city council needs to own part of the blame.

There is strong support for the police. I see it.  I hear it.  I know it to be true.  But the sad fact is the louder voices make it seem less so.

Making my point about loud and divisive voices comes the outrageous remarks from Madison’s Brenda Konkel who posted the following on Facebook at noon today.

“I feel sorry for Madison police officers. I know that when I see a uniform, I feel fear, until I see the face of the person in the uniform . . . if I know the person – 80 – 90% of the time that makes things better – 10% it doesn’t. If I don’t know them, I fear them, for myself and everyone around me. I know… that if there is a person who is mentally ill acting out, I don’t think that I could call the cops at this point, I don’t want to be responsible for them being shot.”

Pure horse-rot!

There needs to be a pushback from the sane ones in the community to show that we support our Madison police.  The city council needs to find a way to demonstrate they stand with the rank-and-file citizen and taxpayer in that support.  Right now it comes down to the optics of this issue and it does not make many look good in this city.

Making sure cameras are in use for active duty officers is the fastest way to turn the tide on this matter.

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