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Sign Petition To Show Support For Madison Police Department! Please Do So Today

July 1, 2016


Last night I was as close to the gritty side of what the Madison Police Department are required to engage in as I ever want to come.  While out on a late-evening walk I found myself standing with others from a neighborhood as a home intruder lay dead on the ground following his attempt to lunge at a police officer with a pitch-fork type weapon.   I heard the fear in resident’s voices and saw the shock on their faces that underscores how close crime can impact daily life.

I also heard, over and over, the strong support for the Madison Police Department.

Given how our police have been maligned it probably was not strange to hear residents on the sidewalks expressing hope that the victim shot by the police was not a black person.  When we start to express a preference for the skin color of a person because people know what it means to the city police and public discourse it underscores what a sorry state of affairs our city is in.

There is strong support for the police. I see it.  I hear it.  I know it to be true.  But the sad fact is the louder voices make it seem less so.

So it is imperative that you allow your voice to be heard when it comes to supporting the men and women of the Madison Police DepartmentPlease do so today by clicking the link and adding your name and support!

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