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Another Example Of Madison Police Working For Residents

July 2, 2016

We called Madison police last night about 11 P.M. as we came back from a night-time walk to find a man lurking in the shadows around our home and driveway. I confronted him as he was about my size–and this is after all our home–and the either drunk/doped/or mentally unstable person told me “they are after me” and “I will stay here–it will be all right”

(Like hell you will.)

He moved to our front stoop and sat. As James went inside to call police he slowly ambled away to the front lawn and then down the street. Two cop cars arrived with no lights and a look was made.

About 30 minutes later after we had showered and I had a snack prepared for late night TV the telephone rang. The police called to say they had picked up the person one block over (Jennifer) and we had no more cause to worry.

Just another example of how the Madison Police work for us and why we are thankful to them.

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