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Congressional Republican Dysfunction Means No Gun Control Vote

July 7, 2016

Though pathetic, this news is hardly surprising.

House Republican infighting has forced GOP leaders to indefinitely postpone a vote on an “anti-terrorism package,” meaning that Congress will have absolutely no legislative response to last month’s massacre in Orlando.

That is shameful!

For weeks Democrats have sought ways to push House Speaker Ryan to have a vote on meaningful legislation.  Those efforts have failed.   So now all that remains is the reading of names from the House floor of the victims of gun violence because Republicans can’t agree among themselves on what they will support in a gun package.

It is a stain on our nation that this bloodshed continues.   

It is an embarrassment that the Republican Party who wanted to have complete majority status in congress in 2014, so to show the country how it could lead on the issues, has been proven to be a party without leaders or principals.

The American voters are watching and the GOP is left wanting.

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