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Next British Prime Minster Will Be A Woman

July 7, 2016


The next leader of the British Conservative Party—and the next British prime minister—will be either Theresa May, left, or Andrea Leadsom, right.

I am hoping for May to prevail. She is more cerebral and has a fine reputation.

The next British prime minister will be a woman, the second in U.K. history after Margaret Thatcher, after the second round of voting Thursday by Conservative lawmakers whittled the contestants down to U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, an energy minister.

The contest pits a candidate who didn’t back the U.K.’s exit from the European Union—Ms. May—against a supporter of Britain’s withdrawal in Ms. Leadsom.

In the second round of voting by Conservative lawmakers, Ms. May received support from 199 of the party’s 330 lawmakers, while Ms. Leadsom secured 84 votes. The results eliminated from the race Justice Secretary Michael Gove, who received 46 votes.

The contest will now be thrown open to the party membership by postal vote, a process that means some 150,000 people will choose the next prime minister at a time of historic economic and political change. It will mark the first time a U.K. leader is chosen directly by the party membership.

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