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Who Would You Nominate To Be U.S. President?

July 7, 2016

OK, in this VERY uncivil election climate, I’d like to try something.  Just for the sake of argument (And I REALLY don’t want to start any!) let’s assume that none of the current crop is worthy of the job.

With the only qualifications being that you must keep our country and NOT any particular party first, and that you want to put forth a candidate you feel is a rational, trustworthy, reasonably experienced human being, who would you nominate and why?

Again, NO Republicans are better than Democrats, or Democrats are better than Republicans, or Libertarians are better than either arguments!  I’m just curious to see what kind of candidates my readers would come up with.  And, again, NONE of the current crop is eligible to be nominated.

And along with the “regulars” I’d love to hear from some of you who don’t usually comment but do read this blog—I see my internal stats and know this blog is read nationally along with some folks in Europe, Israel,  and ‘Down Under’ too.

The nominations are now open.

Have fun and keep it civil.

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  1. July 10, 2016 1:55 PM

    I’m still for Hillary Clinton. I wish she would ask Colin Powell to be her VP

  2. July 8, 2016 10:20 PM

    Sheriff David Clark strong leader and no nonsense guy something America needs after 8 years of the current administration

  3. July 7, 2016 9:16 PM

    Former state Senator Dale Schultz. A Republican with a heart, a soul, and a conscience whose career was destroyed because he dared to stand up to the immorality of the tea party in Wisconsin. Wanna talk “unintimidated”? Here was a man who put it all on the line when it mattered most and suffered greatly for it.

  4. July 7, 2016 8:53 PM

    I would like to nominate Tom Brokaw.

    Brokaw has watched national and international events play out over decades. He has a perspective that ranges from not only political, but also technological, environmental, and cultural. He is a seasoned person; one with institutional memory which counts for a great deal in times of crisis. He has mid-western roots but is also urbane. He works in the world of facts and is steeped in background which accounts for why he can answer questions with insight and depth. I suspect policy creation would actually be fun for him to contemplate. And he has already been vetted by the American public!

  5. orlin sellers permalink
    July 7, 2016 3:45 PM

    My bartender, or my mechanic.

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