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Donald Trump Will Be Forced To Select Right-Wing VP Nominee

July 11, 2016

Political junkies are in overdrive right now.  Following one of the most dramatic and unprecedented primary seasons in American politics the national conventions are soon to get underway.  Next Monday the Republican convention in Cleveland begins.

Everyone is deeply interested and rightly concerned about the biggest news that will come from the convention.  Who will Donald Trump’s vice-presidential pick be?  And when will it be announced?

Will he make the announcement days in advance of the convention or will he make the name known during the convention to ramp up ratings?  I feel, based on his love for ratings, believe that an announcement will take place at the convention.

Regardless of where or when he makes his choice public one thing is more clear than ever.  Trump needs to turn to the hard right for a VP selection.   He needs to stop the bleeding–to some extent– from the conservatives who are not warm to his candidacy.  He can do that by picking someone who can check off all the items on the social agenda from abortion, to transgender bathrooms, and gay rights.

There will be some blowback in Cleveland to the Trump candidacy from the delegates. That is to be expected. Burt what form that takes and how intense it will be is hard to predict.  But with a  hardline conservative as the VP pick saying all the things the base of the party wants to hear will mitigate–to some degree–the bad taste that Trump leaves in the mouths of many delegates.

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