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Busses Should Move From Jennifer Street To Williamson

July 12, 2016

For every action there is a reaction.  We all have heard of that axiom.

It is also true that for every inaction there is also a reaction.  That is what I think happened when concerning the strong possibility that city busses that once traveled too often and too fast down a neighborhood street will be moved to a larger and more commercial avenue.

As the Jennifer Street construction project moves along at a rather productive clip most residents who use city busses are becoming acclimated to picking up the service on Williamson Street.   While Jennifer–home to many families–has long been the street where busses operated the upheaval of construction mandated a change during the project.

Now there is talk that a longer type study will take place once construction is completed to discover if Williamson is not the best place to keep the service.  I have heard that the bus service likes the use of Williamson, and it certainly makes sense to keep the Jennifer Street neighborhood calm of noise– if at all possible.

But how is this idea moving along at such speed?

My thought remains that since Alderwoman Marsha Rummel was unable– or perhaps unwilling–to expend political energy to see that undergrounding of wires took place on Jennifer so to prevent the still-to-occur removal of some more terrace trees, the plum of bus service is being used to placate angry residents.

Do not get me wrong.  I think the busses should be moved to Williamson.  But I always try and understand why things happen in the fashion they do.  I usually find that is where the real story takes place.

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