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Justice Ginsburg Should Have Held Her Tongue

July 13, 2016

I fully understand how people find Donald Trump revolting and simply unprepared to be anywhere near the Oval Office.  He is a nationalistic, racist, xenophobic, misogynist prig–and I am only getting warmed up when finding accurate words to describe him.

But there are times when certain people at certain times need to hold their tongue and keep some thoughts more private.   That is how I feel about Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg and her comments about Trump.

What has happened to our politics over the past year is simply dreadful.  Most of the blame can be placed directly at the feet of Trump.  To say that what passes for election politics has hit rock bottom gives a most unfair slur to rocks.  What is happening in our nation is most disturbing.

But when a most refined and literate member of the high court starts trading insults with an orange-skinned buffoon like Trump I am left shaking my head.  What is next?

The process of governing is one of the foundations of our nation that I post about often.  There is no way to dismiss the dismay her comments have created.  The reason being that it is dangerous to our democracy when a current Supreme Court justice is battling with someone who might become president.

Simply awful.

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