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This Post For Idiots Who Carry A Gun Everywhere

July 13, 2016

The events last week in Dallas underscored one very important aspect to the idiots who think that carrying their gun everywhere is going to keep anyone safe.  Instead of being safe they simply deluded themselves.

These are the facts that came out of the madness in Dallas regarding those who carry a weapon to compensate for others shortages in their life.

1. You will confuse the responders, who will either waste time dealing with you.
2. You will flee, with everyone else, because you don’t actually want to be shot, and can not shoot bullets out of the air.
3. You will hide, like everyone else, because you did not have to go through hours of refresher trainings designed specifically to deal with such scenarios. Also, you don’t have protective equipment, or back up support.
4. You will accidentally shoot someone innocent, because you’re an idiot who thinks they’re a great shot, and it’s easy to aim during complete chaos(it isn’t).

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  1. July 16, 2016 4:29 PM

    Chomp on this….and know I am never going to allow NRA crap ever again. This blog will no longer allow the NRA spin machine to spew forth. The NRA may have bought Congress, but they have not bought me, and never will. From this point forward if you want to spin the NRA line be prepared to have your comment deleted. The trolling here by the NRA, and their senseless comments are no longer going to be published. If I will not publish those who still from time to time comment that Iraq was behind 9/11, why should I allow the most inane and BS comments from those who have their heads so far up the NRA backside that they will do and say anything just to get posted? When I read a comment that the Orlando shooter was not a gun owner like all the other yokels who have weapons I hit the delete button faster than Sarah Palin can mangle the English language. The NRA comments just will no longer appear here. Just as a newspaper edits comments, so must bloggers. Totally inaccurate comments only serve to undermine the dialogue, and further divide the nation. There are plenty of blogs that carry water for the right-wing bat-shit crazy crowd which the NRA fits nicely into. Just because I have a blog does not require me to allow the insanity here. So sayeth this blogger.

  2. July 16, 2016 3:28 PM

    I see you deleted my facts….its what is expected from the dishonest left you ought to join Liar Hillary on the campaign trail you would be a natural at not telling the truth.

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