My Car Is Total Loss From Severe Thunderstorm


Car update from the storm, and it is not good news.  The estimating system says the vehicle is a total loss.

The convertible portion of the car to be repaired stands at over $5,000.  For the whole car the repair goes to over $14,000.

There will never be another car like it. Eros was its name. Born in 2010 and it had only 26,000 miles. Loved by those who rode in it and waved at by countless folks we passed.  It will never be forgotten.

I bought the car in early 2011 as life seemed to be pressing in on me.  My Dad was very sick and in a real sense coming to the end of his time.  I was pushing near 50 years of age.  Some might say I was having some sort of mid-life crisis.  I only knew I wanted to live some of my dreams and having a  convertible was one of those attainable ones.

I was having my then current car (which was only two years old) in for an oil change.  While that was being done I took a walk around the car lot.  It was there I spotted Eros.  James was in the lounge area reading and when I finally went in to talk with him he asked what was taking so long.

“They are running a few numbers for me”

He stuttered and finally said, “For an oil change!”


We actual bought a car that fast.  Life is short and when a dream can be had I firmly believe it needs to be captured.

James and I now will be looking for a new car and one thing is clear.  It will be another convertible.  And this time I think forest green is what we need as James loves that color.

2 thoughts on “My Car Is Total Loss From Severe Thunderstorm

  1. Sounds cool. Sorry to hear about your ride.

    I might suggest a vintage Honda CRX–the most fun I have ever had in an automobile. You could have a competent auto body guy render it in forest green. But in all honesty, I don’t think they’ve ever made a ragtop version.

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