Scott Walker Can Not Distinguish Cronies From Citizens

Once again Scott Walker comes up short when trying to understand the reason his poll numbers suffer so terribly in Wisconsin.

Following his debacle as a presidential candidate the governor started making road trips to repackage himself and search out a new agenda for his remaining time in office.   As such he asked legislators, lobbyists, state agency heads and local economic development agencies to help select attendees for the invite-only gab fests.

Walker stated he wanted to connect with the citizens and talk about the future needs of the Badger State.  He even stated a desire to discuss with people “how we should measure success.”

That last phrase is actually the laugh line.

While Walker has held 50 of these sessions not a single one has allowed the rank-and-file citizen to join in the listening and talking.  Even the media has been excluded from hearing the back-and-forth conversations.

It is simply galling that Walker thinks these self-constructed sessions in any way reflect the over-all mood of the state or the needs of the average citizen.  Since they do not include the average person there is no way that an accurate perspective of the state can be gained.

But Walker thinks these staged events show that things are rosy in the state.  He then tells reporters there is a disconnect between his poll numbers and what he hears at these sessions.  Walker can not be serious!

If you stage events with political hacks and yes-people who praise you for giving them policy rewards for their campaign contribution there is no way a real understanding of the our state will ever be had.

If Walker had finished college he might better understand the folly of a Potemkin village.  Instead what Walker has demonstrated is a most ill-advised way to measure his own success.

3 thoughts on “Scott Walker Can Not Distinguish Cronies From Citizens

  1. I recently was banned from Channel 3000 for basically saying the same thing you did here.

    The blogosphere is the only media in Wisconsin where one can learn the truth anymore. Keep fighting the good fight, Gregory.

  2. Solly

    I’ve been sending emails to the WISC Station Manager (broadcast parent of Channel3000), New Director, Anchors, Neil Heinen and Reporters when their stories are misleading. Usually, I get no response unless I send a second message asking them to place this and their failure to reply in their FCC file! The most recent instance was a Jessica Arp piece for her “Reality Checks” feature on the ad from the “independent group” criticizing then Senator Feingold for the drug scandal at the Tomah V.A. Hospital. In her feature, she actually did a pretty good job, including pointing out that the “independent group” consists almost entirely of a post office box and two former Repugnant staffers, that there was no proof that Feingold or his office received the memo from the union official complaining about the situation, that the conservative republican veteran “secretary” crying in the ad didn’t work in patient care and was there after Feingold left office, and that actually Ron Johnson’s office WAS in the loop (as was Tammy Baldwin and Ron Kind) on subsequent whistleblowing and did nothing because “you know, at the time, my staff was interviewing for other jobs and it got dropped.” Arp found the ad misleading, and reported she contacted the repugnant operatives and they said they “adjusted” the ad to take out the reference to Feingold being cc’d on the original memo, but the balance would stay the same. Mark Koehn and Susan Simon “thanked” Arp for her piece, nodding like grinning bobble heads. Then what to my wondering eyes did appear, in the same effing broadcast, the ORIGINAL ad, that WISC deemed misleading was broadcast. When I complained, after first getting no response, the station manager said, “we are the only station doing comparative analysis of campaign ads, we should get some credit for that.” Um yes, but if you say on one day’s broadcast that the ad is effin’ misleading, and then take 30 pieces of silver to broadcast it hundreds of times, I don’t think you deserve ANY credit, YOU SUCK as journalists and ethical bidnesspeople IMHO.

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