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The Voice Of Ben Domenech

July 17, 2016

As a boy I grew up with radio playing often in our home as we had no television.  As such from an early age I was much intrigued by the voices of news reporters and broadcasters.  The tone and cadence of speakers resonated with me long before I was even aware of the impact they were having on my life.    Earl Nightingale and Paul Harvey being two examples.

With that as a background I mention today the voice of Den Domenech from The Federalist.  He is often on television as a commenter concerning politics in this country.  His views are conservative in the traditional sense of that word–(he does not think much of Donald Trump) but it is his deep well-toned voice that makes me sit up and listen.   I would love to know if he ever sings and what it might sound like to put him in a Southern Gospel quartet.

Without doubt he will be making many appearances on television this week during the Republican National Convention.  Give him a listen and tell me that he is not the guy for being a strong part of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”.

I might also add his commentary on the political scene if most astute, too.

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