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Ben Carson Broke Cardinal Rule Of Political Conventions

July 20, 2016

In 1992 when I was watching Pat Buchanan deliver a fire and brimstone speech about cultural values at the Republican National Convention it was immediately clear the harsh tone would fall flat with the American audience.  After all political conventions are aimed to grow a political party, not marginalize them.  That is a cardinal rule.

Last night at the 2016 Republican National Convention Ben Carson broke that rule of conventions when he offered truly bizarre statements which again missed the mark and turned off the viewing audience.  The most unexplainable of all was why the convention handlers allowed Carson to make his odd speech in prime time.  Just another sign the professionals are not in charge of the party this cycle.

From center stage Carson associated Hillary Clinton with an admiration for Satan.   Carson went on to say that Clinton’s values were suspect because of a 1968 college thesis she wrote on Saul Alinsky.  I truly could not believe these lines were really being delivered–or that old lessons had not been learned by the GOP.  Alinsky was a Chicago-based community organizer and wrote an epigraph that mentioned Lucifer in a book.  To pretend that any of this is relevant in 2016 is simply absurd.

Then to add more crazy to the mix Carson stated on CNN this morning that gay marriage and abortion rights are “evil.”

Carson’s comments last night and this morning have been widely ridiculed. Voters will deliver their verdict on Election Day.

But it is hard to predict if the GOP will learn anything from the national pounding.

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