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Donald Trump Can Not Manage A Convention, How Can He Run Our Nation?

July 21, 2016

The GOP Republican convention has been a shambles of blunders, errors, mistakes, and out-and-out embarrassments.  The truth is all of them were preventable had a serious and professional operation been in charge.

I started watching conventions in 1976 when the last seriously contested affair took place with Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan fighting for the nomination.  It remains a great memory.  The way Bill Clinton entered his convention in 1992 or the friendly feel of Elizabeth Dole speaking about her husband from the convention floor in 1996 make for fond recollections.  But what has taken place for Donald Trump’s convention makes for far more jokes and headshaking than impressive words.

Make no mistake about it—this has been a newsworthy convention to watch since there is always some unpredictable and preventable error sure to happen.

Right from the start one almost had to gasp at the lack of respect the Trump forces paid to  Ohio Governor John Kasich–a man who acted with such respect for the office he was seeking and the citizenry at large.   For the Trump campaign to say he was embarrassing his state was simply uncalled for.  I know the rich kids of Trump are new to politics but here is the key–Ohio happens to be a must-win state for the GOP.

There was no reason to start off the convention by acting out against those delegates who were rightly troubled by Trump’s nomination.  Let the delegates blow off some steam.  It was not as if there were enough delegates to sway the whole crowd.

Trump is modeling some of his major themes on the 1968 political playbook of Richard Nixon.  The ‘Silent Majority’ and the ‘law and order” tactics are pure Nixon.  But did Trump need to employ stonewalling as a tactic, too!  When it came to Melania Trump’s speech there were so many ways to have prevented the damage which took place.

For starters they could have actually used professional speech writers to make sure a well-crafted speech was ready to be delivered.  That of course would have not included the use of words spoken by other people–especially from a Democratic First Lady who the soon to be GOP nominee speaks harshly about at every opportunity!    But after the plagiarism came to light do not waste an entire day pretending it never happened to only then totally pivot the following day and admit it did take place.    So much time was wasted in allowing for any other message to emanate from the convention.

Obviously I have never run a convention but there is one thing I am quite sure about.  No one gets behind the podium without having the back of the nominee.  There was no reason the Trump forces had to allow Ted Cruz to speak unless there was an endorsement or a strong and sincere promise that once center stage he would not embarrass the nominee.

Every day along the way proved to be worth my time as a politico to watch the convention unfold.  It further underscores my feeling that a major election debacle will befall the GOP this November.  Donald Trump can not manage to run a convention–so how can we expect him to run our nation?


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  1. Solly permalink
    July 26, 2016 1:55 AM

    Seems like the Atlantic doesn’t think the Clinton machine did so well on their first day either. By the way Deke, although I love your blog when you’re not batshit crazy and unobjective regarding Hillary, No homo

    The most obnoxious comment on the email hack I’ve heard was from Debbie “Dingy” Dingell, the wife of John Dingell who was elected (Dem Fossil – Mich.) to replace him. It was another “merit” election/selection. John inherited the congressional seat from his father who held it for 22 years, and passed it along after 60 years at the trough to his wife in 2014. Ain’t democracy grand? Anywho, Debbie was being interviewed on MSNBC after the WikiLeaks story broke and Tamron Hall asked her what she thought. Her response was that it was terrible. “I tell my people not to put anything in an email that they don’t want to read in a newspaper.” Um, how about not putting anything in an email that’s homophobic or tries to cast aspersions on someone’s ethnicity or religion (or choice not to have one)!! How about being impartial in a primary like you said you were. Hall called her on it and of course she backed down.

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