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Quick Over View Of Donald Trump Acceptance Speech

July 21, 2016

Recall the old days of conventions past when all the elected ones wanted to be on the stage with the nominee for the balloon drop. Tonight it was the Trump family and the Pence family. A real statement about the state of the GOP tonight.

Trump’s youngest son looks so sad and forlorn all through the final night of the convention. No joy on his face from the main stage as the balloons drop.

Is Trump implying martial law will be imposed in the nation if he is elected? Over and over he makes statements that seems to imply law and order will be brought to the country but since he can not make the changes “on day one” except by using force—so the question must be asked. Martial Law?

Thy most hate-filled, racist, fear-based, and angry acceptance speech from any nominee in my lifetime. I predict this does not sell to the average voter who wants some ideas where we are headed–(no policy ideas are being put forth by Trump–only rants). This is a huge stinking pile of horse-rot that is aimed at angry white men.


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