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Tonight’s (July 21) Speakers At GOP Convention

July 21, 2016

It will be hard to top the blunders and mistakes of the past three days at the Republican National Convention.  But if anyone can it is Donald Trump.  As I noted this convention is the most unprofessional of my lifetime for messaging and pure political smarts.  I can only imagine what the last night will provide for embarrassments.

Primetime Program, 7:30 P.M.

Brock Mealer, Motivational Speaker

U.S Representative Marsha Blackburn (TN-7)

Governor Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

Dr. Lisa Shin, National Diversity Coalition for Trump

Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman

Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University and evangelical leader

Peter Thiel, Venture Capitalist

Tom Barrack, CEO of Colony Capital

Ivanka Trump, Daughter of Donald Trump and EVP at the Trump Organization

Donald J. Trump, Republican presumptive candidate for President of the United States

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