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Bernie Sanders’ Boorish Supporters Need To Grow Up

July 26, 2016

It was clear last night the vast majority of delegates on the floor of the Democratic Convention are not interested in allowing the most base in character to ruin the week long message fest.  Bernie Sanders was out of the race for the nomination by mid-March with no mathematical way forward.  Still, however, the socialist thought he could take over the Democratic Party.  Instead of bowing out gracefully he bore down harder still into the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

There is no wonder from Day One that those who work inside the Democratic National Committee were not interested in the slightest to have an interloper who was not a member of the party, never went on the rubber chicken circuit to recruit candidates or support those seeking office, and who offered plans with no fiscal reality to ever get near the nomination of the party.   Had the DNC not acted as they did they would need to be bounced for dereliction of duty.  It comes as no surprise then there was active work within the DNC to undermine Sanders.

It also should not come as any surprise to those who supported Sanders for the nomination that races are tough and politics means someone wins and someone loses.  If one is not aware of that simple fact it means they really should not be weighing in on the larger and far more complex issues that face the nation.

It was simply galling to see Democrats booed from the convention podium.  Sanders is to blame as he created the mess and should have used his chance months ago to rein in the discontented.   But failing that it allowed for–of all people–Senator Elizabeth Warren to be booed and chanted at during her speech.  How quickly they turn on their own.

Overall, however, Democrats bounced back from their unplanned problem and connected with the themes of this election as the evening continued.

I was very pleased when comedian Sarah Silverman, a Sanders supporter, told disruptive Bernie delegates, “To the ‘Bernie-or-Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous.”   The fact is these shouting irksome delegates seemed like privileged ones who have never been told that sometimes you do not win and get a gold star at the top of your homework.    If these novices knew anything about politics they would have known from the start that the best Sanders could get from his race was a speaking spot at the convention.

I was delighted, as was the vast majority in the arena, with First Lady Michelle Obama’s rousing speech, and Elizabeth Warren’s feisty attack on Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders did a fine job giving a repeated endorsement of Clinton.  He made it most clear. “Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States.”

I know there are really angry people concerning this matter and a few are at the convention.  But I also am very aware that according to a July NBC/WSJ poll, 76% of Sanders supporters said they were voting for Clinton vs. 11% for Trump.

The very vocal minority now have to ask if their anger over politics is stronger than their love of country.  If it is the former than that answers the question many of us politicos have had about them throughout the primary process.

Simply put it is time for some in this nation to grow up!

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