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Bill Clinton Gave Masterful Speech To National Convention

July 27, 2016

I have long felt the most powerful speechmaker in the Democratic party–following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy–is former President Bill Clinton.  While it is very true that President Obama is a powerful presence behind a podium there is still nothing like the power and finesse that Clinton can give to a speech.  That was very clear–once again–Tuesday night at the Democratic Convention.  It was simply masterful to watch and listen to and the lift that it gave to the delegates was most obvious.  With a strong viewership around the nation–this week being much better than the GOP Convention to the tune of 5 million people Monday night–the message in favor of Hillary Clinton is also making headway.

What struck me the most during the speech was the fact Clinton never once mentioned GOP nominee Donald Trump by name.  Instead he took deftly dismissed Republican attacks on Clinton as ‘made up’ and a ‘cartoon alternative.’   Indeed they are!

With solid chronicling Bill Clinton focused nearly exclusively on his wife’s achievements, how she’d influenced him, and how she would work to resolve problems in the way she has always been known to do over the course of her life.

The Washington Post loved the speech. 

Bill Clinton harked back to the spring of 1971, when he was a love-struck young man from Arkansas smitten by the brainy blonde he spotted across a law-school classroom. ‘We’ve been walking and talking and laughing together ever since,’ the former president said of the woman he would marry. ‘We’ve done it in good times and bad, through joy and heartbreak. … We built up a lifetime of memories.’ The clear takeaway was intended to be that Hillary Clinton makes things better … Bill Clinton appeared to riff extemporaneously in his 42-minute speech, veering off the prepared text loaded onto teleprompters, as he traced the arc of Hillary’s public service career as well as their marriage.

One of my favorites, Maureen Dowd, added her praise in the grand style she is noted for.

With a sky-blue tie and silvery hair and an easy smile, the 69-year-old looked healthier than he has on the trail. And he was sharp. The Big Dog basked in the unique historic moment: a former president and a husband and a wannabe first lad making the case for a former first lady, a wife and a wannabe first woman president. In an act of amazing self-restraint, the man who relishes the word ‘I’ managed to make the talk, as he prefers to call his folksy speeches, all about her. He was positively uxorious.

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