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Madison City Clerk, Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Must Answer To Taxpayers Over Ruined Voting Tabulators

July 28, 2016

It appears that it takes more than one flooding incident to make an impression on Madison City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl.

It was reported that the downpour last week in one of this season’s harshest thunderstorms flooded the election equipment storage space where City of Madison ballot tabulators were placed.   As the damage from the water was evaluated it appears that the circuit boards of 17 tabulators were severely impacted.

Along with the equipment some of the ballots for the upcoming August Primary were also damaged to the point they need to be reprinted.

Due to the need for properly working machines for the primary the manufacturer will send loaner machines for the exact counting of one of our democracy’s most valued rights.    That is the good aspect to this otherwise sorry set of events.

Following the primary all the machines will be dismantled and checked for corrosion.  There were nearly a hundred voting machines at this storage facility.

Why this story is troubling goes beyond the heavy rain and the collapsed roof of the storage facility.   As WMTV (Channel 15) reported tonight this is the second time flood waters have impacted voting tabulators at this facility.

After the first time the machines were ruined by rainwater it would have seemed an evaluation would be in order  so to make sure the same problem did not happen again.  Clearly that thought process did not take place.

Taxpayers have a right to ask why that did not happen.  Members of the city council might want to find an answer as well.

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