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Nation’s Future In Sound Hands With Hillary Clinton

July 28, 2016

So many reasons to know our country is guided by seasoned and reasonable people—we just need to keep our eyes on the future.

Donald Trump is the dark force of human nature who seeks to lash out, play to our fears, and reject a unified way to a better land.  My reading of the larger story of this nation tells me that we are unique and highly capable of overcoming the ones who seek to separate us.   We stop and listen for a while to the loudest ones who shout and appeal for us to follow them, but then we stop and reflect and find the best path is to grab the hand of our fellow citizen and work as one.  After each unseemly attempt to steer the nation from our anchored place of democracy the people have always turned away and found the words and actions of our ancestors more worthy of our attention.  So it shall be again this year as we elect Hillary Clinton as our president.

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