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A Democratic Generation

July 29, 2016

My James often talks about the 12 years of Republican rule in the White House during the Ronald Reagan and George Bush presidencies.  Those were the years he was a boy–James was only 7 years old in 1980.   Would it not be nice, he says, if the current generation could have 12 years of Democratic presidents.

I tell him that Donald Trump is working every day to make it so.

In 2008 I stated on this blog after the election Obama would be a transformative politician for the nation.    I based that on the states he carried, the fact he was our first African-American leader, and the issues that he wanted to not just talk about but align our time in history with so to work at resolving.    Obviously the absolute contempt from the GOP–much of it based on racism–about the victory by Obama and his move to mend the broken fabric of the nation has not made it possible for him to reach the length of his desires as president.

But with Hillary Clinton as the next president the generation now coming of age will experience more of that transformation which Obama ushered in with his election.

Today Politico reports Sen. Chuck Schumer  “is feeling good enough about the battle for Senate control to essentially predict he’ll be majority leader next year. Not only that, the veteran New York Democrat believes his party is on the cusp of something much bigger: An era of electoral dominance.”

Schumer added that “We’re going to have a Democratic generation. President Obama helped create it. But it’s just where America’s moving demographically, ideologically and in every way. We’ll have a mandate to get something done.”

America needs to have a government that continually reflects the diverse nation we call home.  We know which party allows that to happen.

  1. July 29, 2016 8:26 PM

    There is simply no way that an educated person such as yourself can look at Donald Trump and the dangers that he poses domestically and internationally and say with any degree of candor that this election can be compared to ” 92, 96, 2000, 04, 08 and 12″. There is just no way for you to make that argument. Even if you did there are no folks willing to buy it. The stakes are higher now than ever in my lifetime. And yours.

  2. Chug-a-chug Solly permalink
    July 29, 2016 7:43 PM

    No, I guess I’m fine with the advice implied by the Hippocratic Oath, διαιτήμασί τε χρήσομαιἐπ᾽ ὠφελείῃ καμνόντων κατὰ δύναμιν καὶ κρίσιν ἐμήν, ἐπὶ δηλήσει δὲ καὶ ἀδικίῃ εἴρξειν, or, summarized in the Latin, “Primum non nocere” (that’s first, do no harm) So, I’m not invested in electing corporate Democrats. We only need 40 to stop bad legislation. I’m supporting Russ Feingold, there are a few others, like Jeff Merkley, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren. But I don’t count Tammy Baldwin among them. She voted for the DARK ACT, along with Tim Kaine and a boatload of Republicans, which allows Giant Agri-business like Monsanto to add genetically modified ingredients to foods without labeling, or with convoluted disclosure. She also voted for the Cromnibus bill in 2014, which relaxed regulations on banks gambling on derivatives, allowed 100X the contribution limits to campaigns (because you know, $2,600 isn’t enough), and allowed for the decimating of people’s pensions. Then, when the Treasury Dept. was considering cutting the pensions of already retired truck drivers in Wisconsin, Tammy was on the job with crocodile tear stained letters and news releases about how she was against the action she enabled. So, Deke, pardon me if I don’t buy the corporate dumbocrat crapola that “THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIME!!!!” I think I heard that in 92, 96, 2000, 04, 08 and 12. If we have FO MO YEARS of stalemate, I guess we can chug along like the Chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo that Chelsea talked about. After all, isn’t this the status quo ticket? They say America is Great.

  3. July 29, 2016 6:54 PM

    So I take it then that you desire Senator McConnell to continue as Majority Leader? At some point either your political alignment needs to find enough support to elect folks or you need to work with the ones who take you in the general direction. You seem to want it both ways. And that is not going to happen.

  4. Solly permalink
    July 29, 2016 3:04 PM

    Yeah, I can’t wait for Chuckles Schumer to be majority leader… with a corporate president and corporate vice-president. What’s the saying? With friends like these, you don’t need Repugnants.

    Well, if the common person’s pension and investments aren’t safe, at least the bank’s, Wall Street’s and insurance companies’ investments will be safe!

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