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For The First Time In 128 Years!

August 5, 2016

This is most worthy of a post.

The Harvard Republican Club won’t be endorsing Donald Trump.  One may at first glance think, what is the big deal, given that a growing number of Republicans are announcing every day they can not and will not support Trump.

But the announcement from the Harvard Republican Club marks the first time in 128 years that the organization has not backed the Republican nominee for president.  That alerts everyone to the abhorrence that resides in this land toward the seriously unprepared and dangerous Trump.   The organization said Trump’s platform would endanger Americans’ security both at home and abroad, and his views are not consistent with conservative principles. It also said Trump’s mocking and belittling of various groups and people is both bad politics and ‘absurdly cruel.'”

This news comes on top of the must-read article by a former head of the CIA who has strongly suggested Trump is a dupe for Russia and Putin.

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