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The Freedom Caucus Needs To Be Brought To Their Knees

August 5, 2016

Every now and then the Wall Street Journal has an editorial that I simply applaud.  Today was such a read.

The Huelskamp Mistake”

Why did a conservative lose in one of the most conservative districts?”: “The lost opportunity is that [defeated Kansas GOP Rep. Tim] Huelskamp is the kind of principled reformer who might have made a difference in Washington. The GOP needs Members willing to stand up to lobbies like the U.S. Chamber that support business subsidies. His mistake was getting caught up in the Heritage Action-Ted Cruz phony political rage to the point that he refused any compromise. In 2012 he voted against Paul Ryan’s budget that included Medicare and tax reforms and cut discretionary spending by $20 billion below levels agreed to in the sequester. Mr. Huelskamp claimed it didn’t cut spending enough.

By denying the House GOP a working 218-vote majority for budgets and other reforms, Mr. Huelskamp and the Freedom Caucus have too often handed power to Democrat Nancy Pelosi and made conservative reform impossible. This caught up with him at home. His defeat should be a lesson to the rest of the Freedom Caucus that reforming and shrinking government require more than fanning populist anger.

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