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More Proof Roger Ailes Is A Snake

August 7, 2016

The unseemly side of  Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes–which for decades has been no secret–did actually get worse as more has been exposed about his attempts to defame his enemies.

 “Ailes was … able to use portions of the Fox budget to hire consultants, political operatives, and private detectives that reported only to him … Last week … Fox News dismissed five consultants whom Ailes had hired to do work that was more about advancing his own agenda than Fox’s. One of the consultants, Bert Solivan, ran negative PR campaigns against Ailes’s personal and political enemies out of Fox News headquarters … A Fox News spokesperson confirmed: ‘Solivan was recently informed that his services were no longer needed.’ Solivan, who had previously worked for Fox News as a general manager of the channel’s website, did not respond to requests for comment.

“According to one highly-placed source , Solivan worked out of what Fox insiders called ‘the Black Room,’ an operation Ailes established around 2011 to conduct PR and surveillance campaigns against people he targeted both inside and outside the company. The ‘Black Room’ was located on the 14th floor of the News Corp building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, a quiet part of the office that housed Fox News Latino and some marketing and promotions employees. Fox employees Ken LaCorte and Jim Pinkerton, veteran political operatives who’ve worked with Ailes since the 1980s, also worked with Solivan, the source said, adding that Ailes’s personal lawyer, and Fox contributor, Peter Johnson Jr. advised the team. (In an email, Peter Johnson denied any involvement in ‘Black Room’ campaigns, saying, ‘The only online campaign I’m aware of is yours attempting to create a truth from a fiction with this account.’)” 

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