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SHOCKER: Donald Trump Plays To His Big Donors

August 7, 2016

This is the type of story that I love to see.  Pretending to be so different—but operating in politics just like the others.   God, I love this story.

After spending months scolding his rivals for being beholden to their financial backers, Donald Trump unveiled an economic advisory council this week – and filled it with some of his biggest donors. Of the 13 men – and they were all men – that Trump touted as economic advisers for their ‘unparalleled experience and success,’ five are major donors whose families combined to give Trump’s campaign and his joint fundraising account with the Republican Party more than $2 million. Two more have been pursued for campaign contributions. … ‘He is following the path he has said was corrupt: Raising large sums of money and then giving donors special access,’ said Trevor Potter, the president of the Campaign Legal Center and former chair of the [FEC].

But remember Trump is going to change the system!

(Cue the barfing.)

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