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What Is Lower Than One Percent?

August 7, 2016

Donald Trump appears poised to set new lows for Republican candidates among nonwhite voters.

This week’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Clinton far ahead among black voters, 91 percent to 1 percent. Yes, 1 percent. (Among all non-white voters, Clinton leads, 69 percent to 17 percent).

That finding isn’t an outlier. This week’s McClatchy-Marist poll finds Trump trailing among black voters, 93 percent to 2 percent. Clinton’s lead in the Fox News poll among black voters stands at 87 percent to 4 percent.

Republicans have been mired in or around single digits among black voters — and around 20 percent among nonwhites overall — for decades. But despite Trump’s bluster, the latest raft of polls suggests he is no closer to breaking through, even as nonwhites continue to grow as an overall share of the electorate.

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