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Can Donald Trump Do The Impossible?

August 8, 2016

Given that today Donald Trump is slated to give a detailed economic plan to the nation one might think my headline suggests I question if the GOP nominee can slash taxes while not expanding the federal deficit, or hurting the programs people need.

But that is not the question I pose this morning.

Instead I ask a far more simple one–but nonetheless–still hard to find an answer for as we head to the fall election about 90 days away.

Can Trump move far away from his tone and style and manner that has created a major hole in his poll numbers and now is cementing a view in the general electorate that he is not suited for the presidency.   If Trump were to decide to move in a more mature and traditional style of campaigning he would in essence no longer be the Trump that we have witnessed for over a year.

The question has been asked before and the response from Trump has always been the same.  There is no way to move him away from being rude, bombastic, and politically self-destructive. He has been loath to read from notes or TelePrompTers, to stay away from interviews, and seems simply unable to stop his Twitter tirades.

So I ask given the obvious failures of his campaign will the speech on the economy be a new starting point for Trump?  Given every poll over the past week has shown what he has accomplished is only create welling support for Hillary Clinton—the latest poll from ABC News/Washington Post  underscores he squandered his convention opportunities–can he make a severe pivot at this time?   Poll show that even his own party is angry at him with nearly three-fourths of all voters, and six in 10 Republicans, disapproved of his handling of his dispute with the Khan family.

So my question is can Trump somehow put that which has taken place since the GOP Convention behind him and move on?  I am not suggesting the voters are going to forget or not punish him at the ballot box, but wonder if Trump can rise to the occasion and act in a fashion for the remainder of the race in a way so not to embarrass the nation?   Can he act in a fashion the GOP can rally behind?  Can Trump be something that up to now he has never achieved?

Can Donald Trump do the impossible?

Do not place the kid’s college funds in a betting challenge.

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