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John Taylor, Former Director Of Nixon Library, Gives Most Thoughtful Take On Presidential Election

August 13, 2016

Long time readers might recall John Taylor being posted about before on my blog.  Many years ago I made contact with Taylor who was the director of the Nixon Library.  He also had served as the post-Chief-of-Staff to RN.  I also was pleased to help raise awareness for his book, Jackson Place.  For many years he has been an Episcopalian priest.  And he knows that if ever in Madison I have a grand evening of food and conversation for him at our home!

This week Taylor posted on Facebook one of the most thoughtful views about the presidential election I have read this year, and I just need to add it here on CP.   No matter what party we call home or how we plan to vote there is no way not to agree with his conclusion.

Yesterday in Winslow, I saw a ‪#‎JohnMcCain‬ for Senate sign and felt bad that I didn’t live in Arizona anymore so I could vote for him. He’s got a close race on his hands. He’s more conservative than I. But he’d definitely be my guy. He’s a true hero, ‪#‎Trump‬‘s crude insult notwithstanding. Back in my Nixon days, he was a good friend of the nonpartisan ‪#‎NixonCenter‬ in Washington.

And there’s this. I realized that it would probably be better if the Republicans kept the …Senate and House.

Here’s why. Both parties’ 2016 insurgencies were fueled by legitimate worries about the shortage of dignified work at living wages and with decent benefits for less well-educated folks, especially millions who graduate from high school each year with no decent jobs in sight. While there’s no evading the necessity of free trade agreements in a global economy, Democrats and Republicans should’ve worked together to reassure, retrain, and reequip our work force.

Trump’s inexperience, protectionist policies, penchant for cruelty, and obsessive zeal to personalize every issue and conflict would, it goes without saying, make matters far worse. President ‪#‎HilllaryClinton‬ will come into office focused on public works and regulatory solutions. By themselves, they won’t be enough. Meanwhile, under Speaker ‪#‎PaulRyan‬‘s leadership, policy wonks on the House side have churned out a whole package of market-based economic- and job-growth policies. By themselves, they won’t be enough, either.

Here’s my dream, born, no doubt, of my relentless optimism: A new era of bipartisan cooperation emerging from the ashes of this nightmare year. On Nov. 9, the speaker will call the president-elect, or vice versa, and say, “We each of us just dodged a bullet, politically speaking. It’s in both our interests, not to mention the interests of the country, that it never happen again. Trump and Sanders actually did us a big favor. They demonstrated that neither of our parties was paying enough attention to working people. So let’s focus all our energy on growth and jobs. We don’t need to agree on means, just ends. We’ll do some of your stuff. We’ll do some of our stuff. And we’ll all take credit when it works.”

We’ve learned this year that even the greatest nation on earth can’t take the stability of its political institutions for granted if we don’t work together to promote a better life for all our people.

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