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What Does The Acronym PWPGSJSISIACWPB Stand For?

August 13, 2016

The comment section to this blog often finds folks liking my little place on the internet highway for interesting tidbits about this or that concerning the history of the country.  This post will surely find favor then with those types of readers.

In the face of rationing and controls during WWII there were a series of commissions that oversaw the regulating of many parts of society. Many of these efforts had acronyms, the longest of these being PWPGSJSISIACWPB.   It stood for Pipe, Wire Product and Galvanized Steel Jobbers Subcommittee of the Iron and Steel Industry Advisory Committee of the War Production Board.

It needs mentioning too—just for the fact you have read this far that also in existence was the Biscuit, Cracker and Pretzel Subcommittee of the Baking Industry of the Division of Industry Operation, War Production Board.

And now you know.

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