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Between A Dog And A Goat

August 15, 2016

Earlier today I posted what has to be the best political line for 2016.

And this afternoon I came across what might have been the best line for the 1944 presidential election season.

Republicans that year had tried to use a whispering campaign about President Franklin Roosevelt’s dog, Fala.  The story went that Fala was left behind on the Aleutian Islands and FDR ordered a destroyer to bring the dog back.

FDR laid into the GOP in a radio address using his ability to make a joke with a sarcastic ending that even his dog was now having libelous statements made about it.

The Republican nominee, Thomas Dewey, was livid.  Soon thereafter it was remarked–and here comes perhaps the best line of that election season–that the campaign was between “Roosevelt’s dog and Dewey’s goat.”

I thought that clever!

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