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A Republican Victory Even Liberals Should Applaud

August 17, 2016

The last time CP posted on Lisa Murkowski in June I wrote the following.

Murkowski is ready for the twists and turns from the harsh wing-nuts in her own party.   After she lost her 2010 GOP primary, and then barely squeaked by in a general election write-in campaign, she has been preparing and ramping up campaign funds.  She is not going to be fooled again and so has already amassed $3.3 million for this cycle.

Yesterday Murkowski nailed a primary win that even liberals can smile about.  I say that given the wing-nuts she was running against.

Murkowski got 71 percent of the vote in the four-way primary, earning nearly five times more votes than second-place Bob Lochner, who finished with 15 percent.

We all can smile because Murkowski has a reputation for reaching across the aisle and bucking her party on some hot-button issues like gay rights, voting rights and whether President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee should get a Senate hearing.   She’s the third-most moderate senator on the Club for Growth’s 2015 rankings, and some of her positions continue to anger conservatives in the state.

Anyone who works across the political aisle gets my support.

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