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It Is Too Late For Donald Trump

August 17, 2016

This morning there is news of another shakeup in the Donald Trump campaign.   In an attempt to make a more serious effort some more names are being added to the roster of others who have failed to change the narrative of bad headlines and embarrassing polls both nationally and in all the key states.  Please note that changes of this type don’t happen when a presidential campaign is winning.  (Just saying.)

What everyone knows is that Trump can not adapt his style or tone to meet the requirements of a professional campaign.   Some people like to applaud if he can read one speech without saying something either so factually wrong or completely stupid that the effects linger for days in every news cycle.   The bar is so low for the GOP nominee.

But the fact is that no other nominee in our history who has been so far behind in the polls at this stage has ever won the White House.  Given the total lack of any real national campaign, or truly competent staffs and numerous offices in state after state or precise efforts at GOTV means that not only a loss is coming for the GOP–but a major debacle.

To top off the endless array of bad polls and disarray in Trump Central is a fact too many seem not to be aware of–but this fact is a key to the outcome in November.

Early voting starts as soon as Sept. 23 in Minnesota and South Dakota. A number of states follow suit soon after that, with the heavily prized Iowa expecting to begin casting ballots at the end of September and Ohio beginning Oct. 12.   With the tone of this election settled voters are ready to cast a ballot.

There is no real time anymore left to pivot for the orange-skinned man. That opportunity is long gone.  The cake is in the oven and crazy frosting is covering the whole Republican mess.  All that is left for the Trump Team to do is become alarmed by the smoke which starts from early voting.  It will spread to a full fire this fall.

This is over.

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