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WISC-TV Uses Ferguson Footage For Milwaukee Police Story

August 21, 2016

Saturday night WISC-TV in Madison reported a story on claims Milwaukee police are ‘policing for profit.’  Reporters have a duty to follow the stories that arise and allow the facts to lead the way.  I have always championed that about journalists.

What I found truly troubling with the story during the late news was video footage of the City of Ferguson Police Department Municipal Building, which was clearly labeled as such, being shown while a Milwaukee resident, Tawandra Bridges, described her personal situation of being ticketed by Milwaukee police.

I have no way to explain how anyone at WISC thought this news segment was ready for air given such a most obvious blunder.  It reminded me of FOX News showing footage of  political discord, claiming it was happening in Madison during the ACT 10 protests.  The problem was how did the palm trees shown in that footage get in our city during winter?

What I suspect happened was some very bad editing at WISC was attempted on a national news story from CBS.   Because of that problem the images of Ferguson were placed into the story about Milwaukee police.

That is troubling because it is a stain on all the hard working and professional law enforcement officers to be likened to those troubled ones in Ferguson.  It would be akin to a news story on the important broadcast journalists in our nation and then drop in stock footage of Ted Baxter.

I understand mistakes happen in broadcasting, and as a former on air-broadcaster myself, I have my list of ‘Good God’ moments, too.  I am not trying to be unduly harsh on WISC or those responsible for the news Saturday night.  But when police and related issues are so much in the news there is a need for even more attention to detail from those reporting the stories.



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  1. pattilynn9 permalink
    August 21, 2016 1:08 PM

    Reflects badly on the “dishonest” media as called by Trump. oops.

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