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How Donald Trump Loses The Election

August 22, 2016

Here is the lay of the land today with the electoral college.

Much of this is the same as it has been for weeks.  The news with this summary is that Donald Trump’s slippage in the battleground states is to the degree they are no longer fixable.

I would add that after several Marquette Law School polls that are the best in the state for getting the feel and mood of the electorate with the latest showing Hillary Clinton with a sizable lead–and since Wisconsin has not voted for a GOP candidate for president since 1984–I think the pale blue for my state is just not accurate. The suburbs outside Milwaukee which should be deep red are not polling that deep hue with Trump at the top of the ticket. Wisconsin will be deep blue on Election Night.


Donald Trump appears to be drowning in the wake of the conventions. 

The GOP presidential nominee was in a precarious electoral position even before the conventions because of his high unfavorable ratings and penchant for controversial remarks. The four days in Cleveland were supposed to unite the GOP but appear to have done the opposite, as Trump has lost ground to Hillary Clinton in national and swing-state polls.

While the overall numbers in the Electoral College haven’t changed, certain key states appear to be slipping out of Trump’s reach while a few reliably Republican states are coming into play. We’re changing the ratings in seven states toward Clinton and just one in Trump’s direction.

Based on more recent presidential elections and demographic trends, any GOP nominee already faced an uphill battle in the Electoral College by needing to win Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado. With less than three months before Election Day, Trump’s path is rapidly evaporating as he falls behind in battleground states.

Here is a summary of the recent changes: Arizona: From Republican Favored to Leans RepublicanColorado: From Tilts Democrat to Leans DemocraticGeorgia: From Republican Favored to Leans RepublicanNevada: From Democrat Favored to Leans DemocraticNew Hampshire: From Tilts Democrat to Leans DemocraticNew Mexico: Democrat Favored to Safe DemocratOregon: Democrat Favored to Safe DemocratVirginia: From Tilts Democrat to Leans Democratic 

  1. August 22, 2016 2:21 PM

    The fact is that middle America, independents, and suburban Republican women are going for Clinton. Your continuous chime about the left fails to take note of the reality of this election. Furthermore the voters are far more concerned about the foundational issues of our constitution, the bedrock issues of what this country believes in, and what qualities we hold dear as citizens. In light of how Trump has used bigotry and racism, xenophobia and nativism to stir the pot it is the middle of America who will speak and elect Clinton. I have said for a year that the rules of politics would ultimately settle this race–and in spite of the uproar in both camps with Trump and Sanders–that is what is happening. The middle holds and America is the winner. If you do not like who your party has nominated look in the mirror. Is this not what you have touted over and over? The rest of nation is simply rejecting this type of candidate and his ideas.

  2. August 22, 2016 12:33 PM

    It’s just shocking that the left in this country have no problem with a woman who lies to them nearly every day. That they think electing her as president is a sound idea for the future of America. Both political parties should be ashamed of the two candidates they have presented as future leaders of this country but somehow the left in America seems to have turned a blind eye to the failures and despicable actions of their candidate.

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