Alder Mike Verveer And The Wasting Of Taxpayer Money

I may differ with the tone of a few words here and there in David Blaska’s column but I absolutely agree with the foundation from which he stands when it comes to the wasteful use of $400,000 of taxpayer money and the continuing ridicule (and worse) of Madison Police Chief Mike Koval.

I think it hard to argue with the foundations of what Blaska wrote in this column.   The $400,000 should not have been appropriated in that manner, at that time, or for that reason. Those who led the charge in the council  and those who foolishly voted for it need to be held accountable.  I also have no warmth for Progressive Dane—everything they touch is tainted with shades of crazy.   Blaska makes that clear.

So is the entire legalistic offensive against Madison police. Progressive Dane bought a first-class ticket on the Black Lives Matter victim train and now they’re driving it.

Former Progressive Dane chairman and alder Brenda Konkel promotes the complaint on her blog and, more damnably, on Progressive Dane’s own website.

“Support our petition to support our Alders in filing a complaint with the Police and Fire Commission against Chief Koval,” it reads.

Which raises a juicy conflict of interest question. The president of the Madison Common Council, Mike Verveer, has appointed a subcommittee to review citizen-police relations.

Read the rest and ponder what might have been done with the money in this city other than placate the seriously flawed element better known at Progressive Dane.

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