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Donald Trump’s Racist Campaign Ploy Will Not Work

August 24, 2016

I am simply flummoxed how political operatives for Donald Trump think what they are now trying to sell has any chance of working.   I have worked in politics at the grass roots level, (serving as a county chair) worked for a decade in the state legislative process, managed a state representative primary campaign and also a sheriff primary race.  But never have I seen such rancid politics as what is playing out now in the nation.  I also read a great deal of history and while there have always been embarrassing candidates few have earned the degree of revulsion Trump has rightfully earned.

Lets get real about the political mood that Donald Trump is trying to foster about some great new-found respect he has for people of color.  Archie Bunker said he was not a racist because he had a Sammy Davis, Jr. album and even had met the entertainer.  That is the same way we should think of Trump when it comes to his understanding minorities or his ‘caring’ about them.  A racist and a bigot at heart means always a racist and bigot at heart.

And Trump is a pure racist and bigot.

There is no doubting it is demeaning to spout in rally after rally that minorities have “nothing to lose” by backing Trump’s candidacy.  Considering that the next president will likely select three members to the Supreme Court and voting requirements (voter ID) will very much be a part of judicial action in the years to come–you damn right minorities have lots to lose with Trump anywhere near the White House!

Tonight it is reported that Trump will hold a rally in Jackson, Mississippi.  Statistics show the city has a population that’s about 80 percent black. And it also can be shown with primary data that the orange-skinned man performed quite well in areas with relatively high-minority populations.  But let us be honest as to what was happening in those areas.

Minorities were not applauding or supporting Trump.  In fact polls in state after state proved Trump was polling and continues to poll at historic lows with Blacks and Hispanics. The reason Trump did well in states with a minority population above eight percent and an unemployment rate above the national average was due to his over-performing with white voters.  Uneducated white angry men, in particular.

Trump has no interest in the minorities of Jackson, but only in the perception that a segment of moderate Republicans have of him about the race issue.  Trump needs to attempt to shape and mold a view in the minds of some  moderate voters.  In Jackson for instance the city’s primary surrounding county is about 70 percent black and voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012.  But in two other nearby counties – Rankin and Madison – they are mostly white and voted for Romney by double digits.

Those last wo counties are what the Jacksons rally is all about.

For those of us who have worked in politics and perhaps forgotten more than most will ever know about ‘inside baseball’ we fully understand what is being attempted.  In Tampa where Trump held a rally reporters counted only about 10 minority attendees out of more than 1000 people in the audience.

Trump is playing the race card against minorities.

Let me be among countless others who know–and are stating–that citizens like to be asked for their votes come Election Day.  They do not like to be used so to have others cast a ballot for or against them based on skin color and demeaning and discriminatory political rhetoric.

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  1. August 24, 2016 9:22 PM

    Trump is just reminding us, to quote Steve Martin, that he was “born a poor black child.” But no one ever took Navin Johnson seriously. Until now, when he’s running for President.

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