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Maya Angelou Nails Truth To Donald Trump

August 25, 2016

Donald Trump peddles in hate and fear-mongering.  Though he is trying to spin away from his strident and racist comments he spewed for months during the primaries he is now only doing so because the polls show the American voters are not interested in what lurks deep in his heart.

And what is at the center of Trump should not be forgotten.  It must never be allowed entry into the Oval Office.

Recall that Trump derided professional politicians and the process they employed to be elected and govern?  Recall how he voiced his strong statements that he would never be like that–he was going to be a totally different type of candidate?

Trump has taken his own words not only about how he would conduct himself as a candidate, but also his signature campaign issue, immigration, and turned both on their head.

The orange-skinned man has now suggested he would perhaps allow some undocumented immigrants to remain in the country under certain conditions, a drastic shift from previous rhetoric calling for a deportation force.

It is still unclear what Trump will supplant for his old plan but it is simply remarkable to see how he can be forced to the wall and made to change his most deeply-held policy position.    The matters of a giant wall and a deportation force were both crazy, un-American, violations of human decency, and the most vile of attempts to sway hard conservatives in the primaries.  Now those issues seem to be bendable since the polls show Trump in the basement looking up.

I can not begin to fathom how his ardent three-thumb followers must be feeling since it is now obvious Trump will not stand up to his own clearly stated positions.  What else will Trump cave on?  All of a sudden Trump is looking like a conventional pol!

The reason Trump is playing to moderate white Republican voters in a bid to show he is not as racist as his statements and actions of the past make him out to be is because he knows he needs a desperate political play.  But it too late, the cake is in the oven.  He is already baked for the election.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton made the best point about how Trump is trying to fool the public with his new found love for people of color.  She used the words of Maya Angelou “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”


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