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FAUX News’ Ed Henry, Roger Ailes, Make Cozy Couple With Extra-Marital Affair

August 26, 2016

Ed Henry will be returning to FAUX News after almost a four-month absence from the airwaves.   That in and of itself probably would not make for a post on this blog.   But in light of recent news that Roger Ailes has found himself at the center of, the return of Henry gets heightened attention.

Henry, who had been chief White House correspondent and the primary reporter covering the Hillary Clinton campaign, was taken off the air following reports of an extra-marital affair. He will return as Chief National Correspondent in the D.C. bureau on Monday, bright and early, with a 6 A.M. appearance on Fox & Friends.   (Talk about awful television.   The show is–politics aside–every bad connotation one has of these types of early morning shows. Just Dreadful.)

You might recall that in May then-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes said the tabloid stories about Henry messing with someone other than the one he promised to love and honor for all time raised “serious questions about Ed’s lack of judgement, especially given his position as a journalist.”

Ailes failed to mention his own issues with his zipper.

At the time, it was thought Henry would be dismissed from the network. But less than two months later, it would be Ailes under the microscope as Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Ailes resigned from Fox in late July.

Randy Henry however will be back.

Question I have is why does Henry’s wife not send him packing?

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