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267 Days Since Hillary Clinton Held A Press Conference

August 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s last actual press conference took place in Iowa on December 4, 2015.  As a decades long follower of politics let me say most candidates have done press conferences somewhat regularly.  Clinton’s refusal is not the norm.

While it is true that Clinton has done numerous one-on-one interviews with news outlets where she’s been asked pointed questions about policy and politics, her e-mail server and her handling of classified information while at the US State Department it is not the same as her taking questions in a totally no-out-of-bounds press conference.

Over the decades there have been countless times Clinton has proved she can ‘think on her feet’.  She has demonstrated the capacity to deal with unwanted or adversarial questions.   So it leaves me unsettled that she refuses to hold a press conference this summer.

Why this bothers me so much is two-fold.

Even though I am Clinton supporter and absolutely know Donald Trump needs to be defeated–literally trounced for a whole raft of reasons ranging from policy to the severe erosion of how the political process needs to function–I still want to have more information put forth from the Democratic nominee about how matters were handled with both her emails and the working relationship with the Clinton Foundation.

I am not suggesting anything improper took place in the latter matter, but do want to hear her own words so to illuminate the situation and present facts to the public. Voters have a right to transparency about these matters.

The second reason I post again about the this matter is that–just as an example from my love of history—Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower held 24 and 23 press conferences per year respectively.   If a nominee for election can not hold press conferences what might that say about the treatment of the press once the office of president is secured?  While  I understand the number of press conferences for those serving in the Oval Office has dwindled over the years the necessity and importance of such events has not!

Press conferences are supposed to have tough questions posed to leaders–or would be leaders–of our nation.  Kennedy faced those questions with wit and style and seemed to enjoy the process.  Nixon sweated during his and Obama seems to have a disdain for them that is etched clearly all over his face.    But journalists give credit for showing up and taking the tough ones that need to be asked. And the citizenry gains knowledge as a result of those times spent with journalists.

So Hillary Clinton, step up and prove what I know you can do.  Be a leader.

And answer my question–Lord knows I would love to have the opportunity to sit in the press room and make the following inquiry.

Since your husband stated he would be removing himself from the functions of the Clinton Foundation should you be elected, due to the type of  fundraising activity that could present problematic conflicts of interest, why aren’t the conflicts present now with you as the Democratic nominee?  Thank you and I have a follow up.

  1. August 28, 2016 10:40 PM

    Are you serious? The Clinton Foundation does an enormous amount of good on a global scale, hence the foreign donations. Does a press conference even compare to one on one interviews that show the real person instead of a candidate at a podium? Furthermore, this election cycle is a flipping circus. She had plenty of issues to contend with until after the Convention, and now she is campaigning. I don’t think America even notices, only the journalists that are paying far more attention to Trump. Ugh! See what you did!? 🙂 Sorry. I love to follow your blog but nothing is normal in 2016.

  2. August 28, 2016 5:10 PM

    We all know why she is not doing it, 4 dead Americans, thousands of emails lost, illegal mail servers, and lies to the American people she is not going to hold any press conference until after the election and then she will just lie some more

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