Good News For Free Traders

From The Wall Street Journal lead editorial today comes this paragraph.  I much approve.

By the way, there’s also good news on the politics of trade from Democrats. Politico reports that after Tuesday’s results the 28 House Democrats who voted for trade-promotion authority in 2015 have either won their primaries or didn’t have a challenge. This is notable because Big Labor had promised to defeat the trade heretics. Maybe Hillary Clinton should rethink her retreat toward protectionism that began in the primaries against Bernie Sanders and has grown worse against Mr. Trump.

(I strongly suspect she will–and should.)

Arizona Targeted As A Swing State

Labor Day is around the corner and the official start of the presidential election kicks off.   Hillary Clinton is making a try to place Arizona into the Democratic column come Election Night.

“The Clinton campaign is looking to turn up the heat with an ambitious ad buy in Arizona — a state that no democratic presidential candidate has won in the past 20 years,” ABC News reports.

“The six-figure ad buy will begin with their previously released spot titled, Role Model — which an aide described as their “most effective ad of the summer.”

What If Maine Governor LePage Just Never Talked Again?

To dream……

Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) “vowed that he would never again speak to the media, whom he accused of stoking controversies,” the Boston Globe reports.

Said LePage: “I will no longer speak to the press ever again after today. And I’m serious. Everything will be put into writing. I’m tired of being caught in the gotcha moments.”

He also clarified he will not resign after leaving an obscenity-laced voice-mail message for a state lawmaker.

Wall Street Journal Reports On Donald Trump’s Mob Connections

Cue the Sopranos music.


Donald Trump worked with members of organized crime and people like the late Robert LiButti, a racehorse trader and gambler.

Donald Trump, as a builder in New York and Atlantic City decades ago, sometimes dealt with people who had ties to organized crime,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“They included a man law enforcement called an agent of the Philadelphia mob; a gambler convicted of tax fraud; a union leader found guilty of racketeering; and a real-estate developer convicted in a stock scheme that involved Mafiosi.”

Trump said he either had only cursory relationships with them or wasn’t aware of their ties at the time, calling himself “the cleanest guy there is.”

“Amnesty Don” New Country-Western Song About Donald Trump

Watch the video here.

He’s softening — Is there a pill for that?”

“He’s waffling — His courage just went splat!”

So croons Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough in a satirical country-western music video aimed at Donald Trump’s newly qualified stance on immigration that was posted to Scarborough’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

In the song, Scarborough lights into the Republican presidential nominee, referring to him as “Amnesty Don,” a “soft and flaccid man” who “said he’d build a wall for us, but then he up and ran.”

The morning host, who moonlights as an occasional rock musician, dons a down-home western accent for his performance, adopting the persona one of the let-down “cowboys” who’ve smelled the “dirty con of Amnesty Don.”

Watch the video here.

Candy In The Senate

This is a sweet story.

Here’s an unusually sweet political secret: one of 100 desks in the U.S. Senate chamber has a drawer full of communal candy.

The “candy desk” has been a proud political tradition since 1965, when California senator and former Hollywood song-and-dance man George Murphy began keeping sweet treats in his Senate desk drawer. Murphy shared his candy stash with any senator willing to stop by his back-row spot on the Republican side of the chamber.

Murphy departed the Senate in 1971, but his candy desk lives on. Conveniently located right next to the Senate’s eastern entrance, the desk is currently occupied by Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey, who accepted the title of candy desk custodian in January 2015. 

His pun-laden press release referred to the “Mounds of responsibility” involved in candy desk duty and assured he “campaigned for this assignment on the platform of life, liberty and the pursuit of Peeps.”